I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have female friends in your life, attractive female friends that you find attractive. If you want to build an empire of women in your life than getting female friends is the quickest way to doing so.

The more female friends you have the more you meet and in turn the more you date. You sometimes need to say to yourself ok these women are just going to be friends AND STICK by what you say to yourself. Most women don’t believe men can be their friends because they all think that all men are the same. They don’t know any better, it’s what they have experienced their whole lives with men. It’s the same story over and over again. So when they actually find a man that wants to be a friend, yes it is a big thing for them.

By having female friends they in turn BRAG about you to all of their friends on how great you are, so you are already half way there and you don’t even need to do ANYTHING. They can be your ultimate wing man in situations and they will also introduce you to their female friends. They can make female friends a lot easier than you can and a lot quicker. It makes sense that women can relate a lot better than men can relate to women.

I am not saying to use women I am just suggesting how valuable they can be in the dating world. When a woman knows you are her friend and that’s all you want from her then they can be the most loyal friends you can have. They will do anything for you and can’t really stab you on the back like a guy friend can.

When you walk into a club with females instead of males, you automatically get seen by other females as something important. You are labeled as “different,” there must be something good about this guy if he is around attractive women. A lot of the time women will approach you and if they don’t, when you approach them they are a lot more open to a conversation with you, than if you are in a circle of men and tried to approach.

The more female friends you have the better your communication skills become with women. The more in tune you become and know what to say, when to say it to woman you are trying to attract. If you become close friends with women, it is a completely different world. You better be prepared to hear about their sex life and a lot of personal information about the individual. They tend to be more open with their male best friends, so just know it is coming.

The more female friends you have the more scarce you seem to other women and the more they are attracted to you. It makes sense that the more socially connected you are, that the higher your status is in life and once again the more women are attracted to you.

I know for myself that I got sick and tired of men keep winging about women and always complaining and fighting with their mates over who has who. I have one best friend as a male and the rest of my friends are women. Now I did not go out and plan and say to myself ok, you are going to have barely any guy friends and the rest of your friends are going to be females. NO I went out and met females and over time I built an empire of women which now works to my advantage

adapted from http://hubpages.com