Before we begin, allow me to ask you a quick question… What type of woman would you rather be involved with a boring, dull, or even depressed girl that never seems enthusiastic about anything… or an upbeat, happy, adventurous girl that gets excited about participating in even the smallest of activities?

You picked the second choice, didn’t you?

Sure you did, but do you know why? I do.

It’s because people are naturally inclined to select mates that they believe will make their own lives better and more exciting. In this modern world that we live in, our views on the “perfect” life have been skewed by movies and television… giving us the idea that our current lives are not good enough. Because of this, we are always looking for a way to add that extra “spice” to our lives that we feel it lacks, and a mate that seems to already have that built into them appears to be the perfect “quick fix” to our problems.

That is why we are very attracted to these types of people, and in this area of life defining choices that everyone faces, men and women are exactly alike. If I were to ask any woman the same question that I asked you moments ago (replacing woman with man), chances are she’d give me the same answer that you did. This only tells us one thing…

That to completely attract women you will need to “mold” your personality to match the type that they are drawn to… in essence, become the kind of man that ANY woman would want to be with. This may sound like a hard thing to do, but it’s much easier than you think… and that is exactly what you are going to learn how to do in this lesson.

Learn To Let Lose

The dating game is called a game for a reason. The main point of any game is to have FUN, and that is what you need to learn how to do. The first thing that you need to condition your mind to do is to stop taking yourself so seriously while you are seducing women. There are many areas of life that you should approach in a serious manner, but women is not one of them!

Stop focusing all of your goals around getting laid, this will only make you uptight and unable to relax and be yourself… which will ultimately make getting laid ten times harder. It’s ironic, but true.
Instead, focus your thoughts on simply having a good time. Tell yourself “I’m going to have fun tonight, regardless of if I get laid or not”. Think about it, you constantly hear women complaining about men that don’t care about anything but sex… so why would you want to give them the impression that YOU are one of those men?

Once you’ve trained your mind to embrace this mentality you will be able to let loose and show women your playful side… the side that will attract them to you. Once you do this and stop caring about getting in their pants you will always have a much better time when you go out, plus you’ll get laid much easier… and more often.

Your personality is the most powerful tool at your disposal in terms of things that women notice instantly, even more powerful than your looks or conversation and flirting skills… and fortunately, it is also the easiest to manipulate and change.

Instead of chasing after women with techniques and cheesy pick up lines… use your personality to attract them to YOU!

The Most Attractive Personality Traits

If you’ve ever watched a chick flick, you know that women love guys with a playful and care-free attitude. In these movies the woman always ends up with the guy that makes her feel good about herself instead of the rich bastard that tries to buy her love. In the understanding women chapter of this book we talked about how much influence romance stories have on women, and because of that fact… most women will follow the pattern described above when making their choice of who they want to be with.

Be positive and excited about everything that you do. This type of attitude is contagious to women and they love guys who can make them feel that way. If you can be like that, women will always feel good and be comfortable around you. Be unpredictable. Try to do things that you would normally NEVER do, then drop those before they become repetitive and move on to a totally different set of actions. Predictable behavior is not appealing to women at all, women are magnetically drawn to men that can keep them guessing and on their feet. If you can do that you’ll never need to worry about them becoming bored with you. Try to always go out of your way to be different and unusual in an attractive fashion.

Be funny, or at least attempt to be as comical as you possibly can. If you can lighten the mood and keep a smile on her face she will be much more likely to open up to you. Use your ability to be funny very sparingly, because there is a thin line between funny and corny… and trying too hard will most likely make you seem corny. Try to drop a few well placed jokes here and there, just enough to keep her feeling good about you. These can be anything from witty little comments that shoot out of your mouth at the speed of light (like Chris Rock or David Spade), to goofy facial expression or body language (Jim Carey, Eddie Murphy). Use your imagination and don’t be afraid to let your humorous side show a little, it’s inside all of us… I know you’ve seen yours before.

Be adventurous… ready to do anything at the drop of a hat. Act as if you’re not afraid to try anything new, and you are down for ANY challenge. Women respond well to this spontaneous type of attitude, so make sure that you master it. Be charming and romantic, but don’t over-d0 it! You can think of these personality traits as the salt and pepper of your character… just a pinch will spice it up nicely, but too much can ruin the entire meal!
Combine all of these personality traits that I’ve described and incorporate them into your own as much as possible and you will become a sought after commodity to the women in your area.

Adapted from The Players Black Book