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Picking Up Women The Basics Many people seem to get attracting women and picking up women confused as the same thing, which is a false idea promoted by a lack of correct information. Attracting women is the art of making them want you… while picking up women is the art of making them want you to take them home with you.

When I refer to attracting women, I’m talking about everything that takes place before the initial conversation begins… once you introduce yourself and say “Hi” you have begun to pick her up, and that is what we will be going over in this chapter.

When you are picking up women try to remain calm and cool, yet happy and upbeat at the same time. The last thing that you want to portray to her is that you are overly excited, but you also don’t want her thinking that you are trying too hard to be “smooth”… finding an equal balance between the two works perfectly.


Flirting plays a major role in the pick up. Actually, if you were to place body language under the flirting category, then flirting is roughly 50% of the pick up process… with conversation dominating the majority of the other half. So what does that mean?

It means that to become good at picking up women you will need to be a good flirt. For detailed instructions on improving your flirting game you can refer to the flirting chapter of this manual, but for now read on…

I’m placing so much importance on flirting because it is the first thing that you need to focus on once you’ve approached a woman, you must begin to flirt with her IMMEDIATELY! This is VERY important… but why?

When you flirt with a woman within the first few moments of meeting her, you are sending her the message that you are talking to her because you have a romantic interest in her. If you fail to express a romantic interest in her right away you could quickly find yourself exactly where you don’t want to be… on her “just friends” list.

You don’t want to be her friend, you want to have sex with her… so do yourself a favor and let her know that before she gets the wrong impression, or worse… thinks your just another nice guy who is scared to flirt with her.

The Interview And Points Techniques

Now once you’ve introduced yourself and the conversation ensues, try using this tip :

Pretend that you are “interviewing” her to be your girlfriend instead of simply engaging in normal conversation, better yet… LITTERALLY interview her, don’t pretend. Once you’ve got yourself in this state of mind you will always appear to be dominating the conversation, and deep down every woman loves to feel dominated by a man, regardless of how independent their personality may appear to be. This also projects the image that you are a very confident man, because instead of trying to prove yourself to her like every other guy that has failed to pick her up in the past… she will feel like you are different because you are testing HER to see if she qualifies to be with YOU. Nice.

Once you get the hang of using this strategy you can even amplify it’s effects by creating the feeling that you’ve put her on a “points system”. Let me explain…

When you are responding to certain things that she says, try dropping a points-related statement into your reply. Here are some examples :

You – “You must be some type of music fan, what do you like to listen to?”

Her – “I like all types of music… but my favorite is hip hop.”

You – “Mine too! That earns you a few points.”

See how powerful this can be? Now take a look at this example of how you can take points away :

Her – “I’ve been sort of a tom-boy for most of my life.”

You – “Oh really? So you must like sports, huh?”

Her – “Yeah, I love watching football. I’m a big Chelsea fan!”

You – “That’s too bad… I’m an Arsenal fan. That’s going to cost you some points.”

This makes women go absolutely nuts!

You can have ANY woman wondering if they are good enough for you if you use this technique. She will constantly be competing to win you over… because in her eyes you will appear to be a prize that needs to be won. Hot women don’t like to think that they’ve lost at anything, so I’m sure you see that just by following this simple plan you can literally go a long way with any girl.

Ok, by now you get the general idea of how the points system works, so enough of that. Moving on…

Practice Makes Perfect

If you want to become a master at picking up women you will first need to become comfortable with the process, and that can mean only one thing…

Practice, practice, PRACTICE!

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying “practice makes perfect”, right? Well I’d like you to repeat that in your head anytime you become discouraged when trying to pick up women. However, instead of using the traditional form of the saying… trying using my edited version : “practice gets you laid.”

It’s true, so do it.

The best way to practice picking up women is to commit yourself to approaching at least 2 girls every day. Do this for a month or so and you’ll become a master in no time at all. Picking up women will quickly become easier and your success rate will also improve, getting you laid more often and shooting your confidence levels shy high!

Now that the tables have turned and it will be YOU choosing which women that you want to get involved with, it would be a good idea to jot down and few things that you find extremely attractive in women… that way you’ll know exactly what to look for while you are out scouting for potential mates.

The pick up is a very important part of seducing women, so study and practice everything that we’ve gone over in this chapter until you are completely comfortable using these techniques in real life situations.

There are a few other skills described in other chapters of this manual that you will also need to learn in order to become perfect at picking up women, so I encourage you to read the entire manual before you jump in with both feet.


Adapted from The Players Black Book